Friends hiking in växjö

Adventures with Friends and Family

Pictures from these past years - selection by Micke

Around the fire on the emmigrants trail
Friends preparing for the emmigrants trail in växjö
Friends gathered for an adventure in Småland
Victor, anna, huberg and maybe ilia
Victor, Anna, Hubert and probably Ilia drawing something on a board, very important caption here
Calle, leo, luke
Calle, Leo and Lukas reminiscing about the good old days
Calle, leo and linnea
Calle, Leo, Linnea and Marpan at beer break at canoe place
Some train station
Victoria and anna @ Öland
Victoria and Anna @ Öland
Marti, linnea, anna, vero going crazy
Marti, Linnea, Anna and Vero creating change and going crazy on a daily basis
Marti, linnea, anna, vero going crazy again
Dinner at martinas dad, luciano
At Luciano's (Martina's dad) and Claudia's place in the hills, with sister Sofia and Ale
At michelottos
Martina's mum Patrizia at Michelottos with Achille. Michelotto was an organ repairer who's spent 20 years piano piano restoring an old house nello tranquillo. He's not really done yet and neither are his neighbours.
Micke and martina ready to farm
Micke, martina, patrizia and achille in virti
Marti, Micke, Pati, Achille and dado in Virti in the north of Italy
Sculpture in virti
Lo zio luccio, la nonna, lo zio dario, sofia and marti
Marti, lo zio (uncle) Lucio, Pati, Sofi, lo zio Dario at la nonna's birthday
Achille, elia, micke and pati installing kitchen
Achille, Elia, Micke and Pati installing a new kitchen
Mormor mamma moa
Mickes mormor, mamma och syster Moa imitating statues!
Family by lake in sweden
Emil, Moa's dad Bosse, Micke, Eric, Göran, Mormor, sis Moa, bro Alle
Moa, pappa, broder alle, micke, malek
Moa, pappa, broder Alle, Micke, Malek falafel picnic outside Moas
Micke, eric, göran, alle, moa, magi, marti
Micke, Eric, Göran, Alle, Moa, Magi, Marti at Nåssjön, our place in the north of Sweden
Hiking kungsleden
Hiking with Moa and David even more north in Sweden - in June :D
Sofias friends in lisbon
Ale, Giovanni, Nick, Marta, Marti and Sofi in Lisbon
Busking in lisbon
The guys busking on streets of Lisboa, just as the crowd went crazy it started to rain :D
Micke, martina and ilia on la via francigena
Micke, Martina and lo zio Elia meet on la via francigena
Scenery along la via francigena
Nature in pompei
Pompei ruins, an oasis in the otherwise super trafficated and trashy Pompei city
Pompei path
It was HUGE
More pompei
Pompei statue
Vesuvio view
Handsome tourist at Vesuvio
Vesuvio entrance
Bottom of vesuvio
No boiling lava at the bottom of vesuvio. BIG disappointment
Micke and martina, knitting fashion
Martina's knitting fashion
Micke and martina outside la nonna
View from our balcony
View from balcony at our new place
Martina basking in the sun in umbria
Someone is enjoying the sun :D