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Moving to Portugal

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Yes, we packed our stuff and moved again, precisely for the ninth time.

The past year has definitely been a challenge, certainly a very adventurous and exciting one.

We lived in Italy for five months and we enjoyed our time there very much.

Micke got a new job, remotely, from Sweden and I was mostly busy with my studies and my thesis. During our time there we met amazing people, and some of them became very good friends! We also restored a small plot of land too, which was very rewarding, at least for me. 

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Ah, these past months have been very intense too, we dealt with various situations which weren't always easy.

Moreover we looked for many houses to buy around the area where we were. 

There was always something we weren't sure about so one day, after the umpteenth time I told Micke "I wonder how Portugal would feel like..", he said: "Ok, we're going." 

That day felt amazing.

We decided to leave this early (our plan was to move out in September) because our friend Emy needed an apartment. She could have stayed in one of the many places around the small village where we were but we took the opportunity to hand our place over to her and have a date set to move out.

Everything was so quick and we still don't fully know how everything happened so fast. 

My dad came to visit us and helped us a lot with moving, and on the 6th of July we were out on the road again.

We booked a ferry from Rome to Barcelona, which was 20 hours - we slept all the time on the uncomfortable sofas of the ferry-, and from Barcelona we drove all the way to Coimbra, the city next to which we are staying at the moment.

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So here we are! 

We're going to stay in this area for about a month and then we'll go and explore the northern areas.

We feel a bit confused and exhausted, however we are finding the time to rest and relax to be ready for the next steps.

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