Our Celebration


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This year, I choose to stop celebrating a tradition that is not questioned or deeply enjoyed, where the calls of our intuitions and wisdom are not even listened, where rush, stress and consumption promise a glimpse of pleasure that is far from nourishing and it vanishes in the uneasiness of some social interactions.

This year, I choose to celebrate rest and slowness, the ying, the passive, the soft, the sensual darkness, the mistakes that help me grow and change, the melting silence that life with its cycle always brings.
And we bake, cook, dance, knit, sharp tools, watch others magic, dream and take long walks. And even if uncertainty and doubts sometimes creep in, we let them do their waltz, uninvolved, drinking our herbal teas.

Here there's an apple pie I made, surrounded by dried flowers, some cinnamon and hibiscus tea.
I took this picture and decided to post it here to invite anyone who can see it to savor these times, drop the conflicts and let go of the habit of stressing out.

May you ask more questions,
May you have high standards and no expectations,
May you prioritize your own desires and joy,
May you choose to receive fullfilling pleasure,
May you notice how impactful your presence is and, with humor and compassion, let go of your need to be self- righteous.
May you have the courage to be fiercely disobedient.

Sending you fun and curiosity,

Martina -while Micke is sharpening his tools

Img 20201223 114842 441