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Welcome to our new space

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Here we are! Welcome welcome! In this space we'll bask in a joyous abundance of bountiful experiments, recipes and creations.

To be honest Martina is probably going to create most of the content as her creativity never ceases to flourish in the making of herbal products, recipes, knitting and more! 

But I'm sure I'll make some small posts or comments about the things that make me go crazy! Like dough for example. I love to honor our traditions at home and serve Hawaii banana curry pizza to my Italian woman. Or wood working, programming or gaming? We'll see where my bountiful skillset will come in handy. I love explaining stuff even though sometimes people dont want to listen to me. 

Alrighty I'm taking over, (it's Martina writing now), I hope you'll have some fun and maybe even get inspired or go about your business :)

That's it for now. Welcome again y'all!