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In Nature's Lap is a collaborative project that aims to restore and honor our relationship with nature and ourselves through co-creation of seasonal rituals and practices. 

These practices are designed to shift the attention from an ownership mentality to appreciation.


⋅ Collaborators, inspirations

People from different backgrounds and expertise were asked to collaborate in the creation of these new, ancient, joyful, calming and restoring practices.

⋅ Who can benefit from this project?

The project is designed for those who are interested in finding more gentle and meaningful connections with themselves and the environment around them. It's for who wants to create an alternative cultural direction to the fast-paced capitalistic culture.

In Nature's Lap  is a starting point to bring more attention and care into our movements, creative processes and practices. 


How to use this platform

The circles here below represent the seasons,. Click on one of them to find the most relevant practice for that specific time of the year or for the emotional or physical state you find yourself in.

You can do most of these practices in a week or in a year, it really depends on what your intentions and needs are. We encourage you to first check all the practices and then ask yourself which one is more relevant for you and start with it.


Ongoing project

In Nature’s Lap is an ongoing project and if you feel like contributing in the creation of this library of seasonal practices, contact us. It will be an honor to add your ritual to this platform.

At the moment the practices we suggest are few, but we hope we'll be able to add more and encourage you to find, bring back or create new ones. We hope this project will be an inspiration for those who are longing to connect back to the environment around them and themselves.


Smiling basil sun
Smiling basil spring
Smiling basil summer
Smiling basil autumn
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This project is focusing on the how we can engage with the surplus of the natural resources, such as the elements (water, fire, soil, air), our bodies and other species that are living together with us.

It's not about finding out what we can exploit or not but rather about creating a different relationship with Nature.


In Nature's Lap  was designed by Martina, using different methods, such as ideation, mapping, workshops, testing, interviews, drawing and linocut, also known as lino printing. The latter is a printmaking technique, a variant of woodcut in which a sheet of linoleum is used for a relief surface that is carved to create a design that is then printed on a paper. The colorful circles here displayed symbolize the cyclicality of nature and were made with this ancient technique to portrait and experience the care and slowness that is at the core of this project.