Smiling basil autumn


Wearing warm colors
it gracefully sheds what no longer serves

As there is more to be 
And more to give

It's time to gather precious lessons
And be open
For the splendor that lives within

Smiling basil autumn

Lightly letting go

Autumn is the time of gather what has been taken care and letting go of what no longer serves. Nature has celebrated and given all of its energies and it's contemplating the fruits of its actions. And as part of Nature, we too feel the need of finding the space to contemplate and slowly prepare for a comforting rest.

Yet the modern lifestyles demand us to follow a cycle in which producing and consuming are what only seems to matter. A cycle in which there’s very little space to pause and contemplate.

The practices we propose serve us as a starting point to re-learn to follow the cycle of nature, derailing from the fast pace culture in which we find ourselves. 

Distrupting busyness, productivity and stress, the following Autumn practices promise a connection to the rythm of the contemplating and bountiful Nature.

Smiling basil autumn

First practice


"Between sky and Earth

Many things happen

It's about what comes alive, grows, flourishes,

withers and dries up

leaving its mark for a while

until a deep, sacred chemistry transforms and regenerates everything."

- Patrizia

Patrizia Capuzzo is an anthroposophic teacher and my mother. With her poetic and cheerful approach she is inspiring me and others to create small rituals of attention and celebration. The following practice is  one to create center table decorations to honor a special time of the year with natural materials that you can find around you. 

Noticing, gathering, creating, celebrating

"I walk a lot and I give myself the time to everyday practice to recognize the life around me, that it reveals to me and in me year after year. 

I feel so privileged as I breath the air that the flows in a dance, through the river, the silver poplar trees, the rain and the fragrant smell of the dry leaves in autumn; rich and light, I am invited to breathe deeply, guessing the smells around me.

Often it is not enough for me to look and, as I am part of Nature, I too gather. I feel joy in thankfully collecting the yellow flowers of the Jerusalem artichokes that shine together with the first autumn sun, and stand out tall and courageous, so full of golden pollen which I’ve seen spreading around the house, delicately fading the light of the summer on the furniture. And I wildcraft the jucy hydrangeas, which in autumn wear such elegant colors.

I gather pomegranates and berries that remain red even when they dry up, and some sprigs of red and white pine. And every moment of my walk is being celebrated. I'll make decorations to honor every time I was able to notice the wisdom and the magic of Nature dancing through the seasons.

It is in this creation that I feel the intimate and vital connection with the incessant progress of the material spirit of nature, a cosmic infusion that pervades everything and everywhere in which we live.

And between Earth and Sky I thank the possibility to witness all wonderful shapes, colors, aromas and textures." 

- Patrizia


Here below her current center table decoration that she made with things she found in her garden.

Center table decoration mum


"Making "center table decorations" to honor a special time of the year it's something that my mum has always been doing.

As long as I had a table, a small decorative ritual was my special seasonal routine..I'd forgage some berries, flowers, stones, wood sticks, acorn shells, mushrooms, feathers or anything that would struck my attention in the natural environment around me, and place it joyfully at the center of the table.

Yesterday I made this small decoration as I'd usually do and I realized how this practice is been with me for a long time. It became a new tradition, passed down from my mum.
Every season, every special occasion, when I'm down, when I'm up, I create small decorations with natural materials to place in the middle of our table."


Center table decoration me
Smiling basil sun