Smiling basil spring


Let yourself be surprised
by a new will to flourish

There's time anyway
The seeds we braided in our hair
carry the promise of a generous future

Streching downword and upword

I search for answers

When the question is no longer

How  much can my life be noticed?

but instead

How much of life can I notice?

Smiling basil spring

Being curious

Spring is the time of gentle curiosity and expansion. Nature seems to wake up from a long restorative sleep. The seeds buried in the ground, slowly strech their life up and down, sprouting and rooting.

Is there a need in your life to be in spring?

The modern lifestyles demand a different rythm. A duotone rythm where production and consumption are the priority. A cycle in which there’s very little space to pause, rest and find the time to sprout again.


Spring does not necessarly come with the natural world waking up, it can even be an internal state in which we find ourselves.

Here below there are some practices to start to follow the cycle of nature, diverting from the fast pace culture in which we find ourselves.

Smiling basil spring

First practice


Luis Mojica is a musician, somatic therapist, and herbalist. He teaches people how to release stress, illness, and trauma by listening to their bodies. He uses somatic techniques, whole plant foods, herbs, and counseling to heal and support who connects with him.

Somatically experiencing our interconnectedness through water

In the following video, Luis shares a beautiful and simple ritual to reconnect with others and nature especially when we feel alienated and lonely.

Smiling basil sun