Smiling basil summer


Like a torrent in flood

Life moves

Opening all beings hearts 

with all of its beauty and opulence

It asks to present enough attention 

to feel the deepest parts 

that yearns for wonders

fully awake

fully alive

Smiling basil summer

There's peace in action

Summer is a time of light and abundance. Nature is dancing with the sun and the rain, fully awake. 

The modern lifestyles demand a different rythm. A rythm where production and consumption are the priority. A cycle in which there’s very little space to pause, rest and accept the gifts that are there for all creatures to enjoy and share.


Summer does not necessarly come with the natural world thriving, it can even be an internal state in which we find ourselves.

Here below there are some practices to start to follow the cycle of nature, diverting from the fast pace culture in which we find ourselves.


Smiling basil summer

First Practice


Charles Dowding is a joyful gardener and writer. With his wise and humble approach, he shares and teaches how to tend the land with respect for the life of the plants and the soil. He also wrote several books on No-dig gardening.

"I grow food and always want to grow it in the best possible harmony with natural forces. Modern science does not know much about how nature works, and yet the danger is that it pretends that it does know. Therefore anybody doing something which cannot be scientifically explained yet, it's considered a little mad."

"There is a ritual which I value and which few people know or care about. People generally have become very detached from the nature which feeds us, the nature which looks after us. "

An ancient method to warm the soil

My practice is one which I read about in 1983 and it's based on solar energy is and dowsing. Farmers in Cornwall who were producing daffodil bulbs and flowers for selling to London, used an ancient method to warm the soil, and it's extremely simple and cheap. You take five sticks of any kind, place the first one on any edge of your property or land, then walk around the perimeter of your land and push each stick into the soil in turn, until you have five sticks in place which describe a pentagram. This pentagram can be as irregular as you wish. 

After placing the fifth stick in the soil, you touch the first stick again and this creates a resonating energy field which promotes warmth and well-being. I do this, as they practiced, at dawn on every summer solstice day. It's one small piece of being a good farmer, and I don't know how much difference it makes to what I do.

What I can say for sure is that it makes me feel better on my land and that this must help my soil and plants. I am sure also that it does more than that but I cannot measure it.

This is the problem with some scientists, that they dismiss what they cannot measure. And frankly, their measuring devices are pretty primitive compared to all the energies which exist!

I might add that the rituals of biodynamic farming also come into this category. I stir and use the horn manure preparation twice a year and feel really good about that. 

- Charles Dowding


If you want to know more about Charles' teachings and methods, follow him on instagram and youtube.

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